Pat Pirkle Bio

Pat Pirkle, School Board Vice-Chairman, has served Buford City Schools for well over 50 years. Mrs. Pirkle moved to Buford from Milton, GA in 1955 when she married her late husband, Dan. She began her career in the accounting department with Southern Bell in Atlanta. In 1960 while she was on maternity leave with her first child, she accepted a position as the bookkeeper for Buford City Schools. At that time this was the only clerical position in the schools, so she played many roles. 

For 38 years Mrs. Pirkle worked in the schools and cherished every opportunity she had to connect with the students. She fondly recalls memories where she worked with the students over the years. Though she continued as the bookkeeper during her entire career the position evolved as Buford City Schools grew. In the first years of her career at Buford City Schools, their communication system consisted of her having specific whistles for the teachers and coaches who knew to come to the office when they heard their sound. Though a lot changed over the years her love for our schools and the community has not.

Mrs. Pirkle retired from Buford City School in June of 1993 and joined the School Board in January of 1994. After decades of working in the schools, she was thrilled with the opportunity to serve the community from a different perspective. Her focus continued to be providing the best environment for each student in our classrooms. She takes great pride in the fact that Buford City Schools was the first accredited school in Gwinnett County. 

She stated, “Often people make things more complex than necessary. Our Board’s focus is simple; we make sure the teachers have what they need to provide the students with the best education possible.” 

Mrs. Pirkle has four children, Deborah, Beth, Jeff, and Ginger, who were educated in our schools and now has great-grandchildren attending Buford City Schools. She enjoys attending activities in the Buford Community and can be found in Tom Riden Stadium during each home game.