BSA Odyssey of the Mind Teams competed in the North Georgia Regional Competition

Each team designed and built Matryoshka Structures made of only balsa wood and glue that could hold as much weight as possible. 


The structure had to bear the weight of additional structures nested inside. 


Competitors also had to choreograph a performance with a theme that mimicked the structure they created. 

Each team represented Buford City Schools with excellence, and all three advanced to the state competition held at Columbus State University in the coming months.


Team members include:

Team A: Jessica C., Olivia S., Ella F., Isabella J., Gabriella A., Chiara D. J. Olivia D., 

Team B:: Vincent M., Brock N., John M. Carson S., Sam F.

Team C: Elijah D., Barron B., Joshua B., Colt G., Lucas M., Christian O.