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Community Connection

The media centers within the Buford City School System (BCSS) are full of great resources for students. Over the past several years we have partnered the Gwinnett County Public Library (GCPL) to help students CONNECT academically with access to the full range of resources available at the GCPL system. The information below will help you to better understand this program and all it offers our students. ​
Q: When and how do students enroll?
​A: Families will pre-register for the new program during back-to-school registration via the PowerSchool Parent Portal through E-Registration.
Q: What will students have access to?
A: Students will join the COMMUNITY CONNECTION program and have FULL access to the print and digital resources of the county library system at any of the 15 branches around Gwinnett and on-line.
Q: What about my current GCPL account?
A: Current GCPL accounts will be merged with the new COMMUNITY CONNECTION accounts.
Q: How does my student access his/her account?
A: Students will be able to use their BCSS lunch number and a PIN which will consist of their birthday month and day (example: 0629) to access the library system’s print collection, research materials, digital resources, audio books, language learning, and so much more! NOTE: All families will be automatically registered in the COMMUNITY CONNECTION program unless they choose to “OPT-OUT” by selecting NO in the on-line permissions through PowerSchool.
Q: We live outside of Gwinnett County. Are we still eligible?
A: Yes, students who attend Buford City Schools, regardless of county residency, will be able to participate with the COMMUNITY CONNECTION program free of charge and will NOT accumulate overdue fees when using their COMMUNITY CONNECTION account.
Q: What information is shared with GCPL?
A: The following data will be shared with GCPL for account creation: first name, middle name, last name, home address, date of birth, school name, grade level, home telephone number, parent/guardian email address, parent/guardian name, student lunch number.