Central Office Staff

Melanie Reed Amy Chafin Laura Beth Short
Deputy Superintendent
Assistant Superintendent of Student Achievement
Angela Adams Vickie Bahr Mindy Bayreuther
Director of Business Services
Director of Transportation
Chief Security Officer
Macy Black Sara Blankenship Ashley Condon
School Social Worker
Technology Integration Specialist
Student Services Director
Flora Contreras Jason Downs Lori Durnell
SIS Coordinator
Director of Technology
Marci Gant Kelly Gardner Dodi Getz
Student Services Coordinator
School Psychologist
Administrative Assistant to Student Achievement Office
Megan Gower Amanda Grannon Brooke Higgins
Director of School Nutrition
Director of Personnel
School Nutrition Coordinator
Stephanie Ledford Sara Lingerfelt Tommy Lingerfelt
Gifted/ESOL Specialist
Curriculum & Instruction Executive Director
Operations Manager
Dana Maxwell Amy Moody Dennis Murray
Student Services Specialist
Amy Moody
Executive Secretary to Superintendent's Office
Custodial Supervisor
Jenny Poole Robin Riegelhaupt Denise Simpson
Title III/Migrant Coordinator
School Psychologist
RTI Coordinator
Lacrecia Smith Cody Tobias Gloria Williams
Curriculum Director
Director of Finance
System Accountant