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Marjorie Wilson Scholarship

School counselors play a significant role in the success of high school students.
Every day for a high school counselor is different as responsibilities range from working with students one-on-one ensuring their schedules allow them to graduate on time to more in-depth needs like social and emotional support.
Longtime Buford High School counselor Ms. Marjorie Wilson exemplified the ideal high school counselor.
Ms. Wilson worked with Buford City Schools from 1966 until 2000.
Remembered as a supportive, trustworthy ally, she ensured BHS seniors were informed about their post-secondary options.
Former BCSS Superintendent Mrs. Beauty P. Baldwin worked side by side with Ms. Wilson for many years. Baldwin said, "Ms. Wilson loved working with and supporting all the students of Buford High School and especially seniors. She made sure that they felt comfortable talking to her about anything. She wanted them to be the best in everything they did, and she made sure of it by her wise and loving guidance.”
In honor of Ms. Wilson's dedication and devotion to sending Buford graduates toward success in college, career, or technical education, a scholarship through the Buford City Schools' foundation has been established.
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