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Director of Finance – Angela Adams

Assistant Director of Finance – Cody Tobias

System Accountant – Gloria Williams

System Accountant – Whitney Green



School System Financial Transparency Bill


The following link provides a one stop location to view financial information on each school district in Georgia.


Information provided in the link:


·       Page 1 – Financial Overview

·       Page 2 – System Revenue Summary

·       Page 3 – System Expenditure Summary

·       Page 4 – Expenditures by School and Facility

·       Page 5 – Per Pupil Expenditure


The annual personnel report prepared by the state auditor pursuant to Code Section 50-6-27:  This report is included on the Open Georgia, Transparency in Government website at


The most recent five years of audits conducted by the Department of Audits and Accounts pursuant to subsection (a) of Code Section 50-6-6 and any additional independent audits conducted pursuant to subsection (b) of Code Section 50-6-6.