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Welcome to the Financial Services

The mission of Financial Services is to deliver timely and accurate financial reporting and provide proper oversight of all expenditures and revenue collections in order to successfully support the operations of the school district. We are dedicated to confirming adherence to system policies and procedures, generally accepted accounting principles, rules established by governing bodies, and contributing support for the education process of all students.

Our goal is to be a first-class financial operation by promoting accountability, effective and efficient services, and thorough financial decision-making. We will strive to be the standard by which school financial operations are evaluated. Our responsibilities include fiscal management, accurate and complete reporting related to budgeting, general accounting, financial reporting, splost project accounting, grants fiscal management, cash management, capital assets, accounts payable, employee reimbursements, payroll, accounts receivable, tuition, governance of school based accounting, and assisting external and internal audits.


Financial Service Team Members


Cody Tobias Angela Adams

Cody Tobias - email

Director of Finance

Angela Adams - email

Director of Business Services

Gloria Williams Lori Durnell

Gloria Williams - email

System Accountant

Lori Durnell - email

System Bookkeeper