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Adopted Textbooks

GR Subject Vendor Textbook
K-8 Science HMH Georgia Science 2019
BHS Biology Savvas Campbell: Biology in Focus 3rd Edition
BHS Environmental Science Savvas Environmental Science 2021
BHS Biology Savvas Miller and Levine Biology 2019
BHS Physics Savvas Walker, Pearson Physics 2014
K-5 Math Savvas Envision
6-8 Math HMH Into Math
BHS Algebra I HMH Into Algebra I
BHS Geometry HMH Into Geometry
BHS Algebra II HMH Into Algebra II
BHS Pre Calculus Savvas Sullivan, Precalculus, 11th Edition 2020
BHS Calculus Savvas Demana, Calculus: Graphical, Numerical, AP Edition, 6th Edition 2020
BHS Statistics Savvas Bock, Stats: Modeling the World AP Edition, 5th Edition 2019
BCSS Instructional Resource Adoption Cycle
2019-2020 - Science
2020-2022 - Math
2022-2023 - ELA
2023-2024 - Social Studies
2024-2025 - Electives
2025-2026 - Science
2026-2027 - Math
2027-2028 - ELA