COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Case Report as of November 19, 2021

Have a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving Break!


Buford City Schools continues to diligently monitor the health and safety of our school community. Throughout the school year, this webpage will be updated every Friday to provide the updated total number of active COVID-19 positive cases in our BCS schools.

We are defining an active positive case as an individual who has received a positive COVID-19 lab test result and is currently following our district protocol for when they may return to work/school.


SCHOOL Student Totals Staff Totals
Buford Elementary 0 0
Buford Academy 0 o
Buford Senior Academy 2 1
Buford Middle School 1 0
Buford High School 2 0
District/Daycare 0 0
Totals 5 1
Based on our local data, we are making a slight change to our Alternative Quarantine Protocol.
Several of our positives have originated in the home and spread through unavoidable close contact.
If you report a positive in the family where contact tracing originated outside the school, you will be required to quarantine at home per our quarantine guidelines.
Alternative Quarantine Protocol will be an option for those persons contacted traced in the school setting.
Students or staff identified as close contacts to a positive COVID-19 case at home will quarantine by DPH guidelines and follow one of the 2 options:
Option 1: 7 Day Quarantine with a Negative COVID-19 Test
The student must have a negative COVID-19 lab test within 72 hours of his/her return to school date above AND have no COVID-19 symptoms during the quarantine period.
Upon return to school, the student must present a copy of his/her negative COVID-19 lab test results to the school nurse.
Option 2: 10 Day Quarantine--No COVID-19 Test Required
The student may return to school after 10 days if he/she has no symptoms while in quarantine.
Students or staff identified as close contacts to a COVID-19 case at school may return to school and follow our Alternate Quarantine Policy for the duration of the monitoring period.
Alternative Quarantine Protocol and Agreement
  • Student remains in school but must be in compliance with the following procedures
  • Parent must sign the Alternative Quarantine Agreement Form
  • Check temperature twice a day for duration of the quarantine period
  • Monitor for COVID-19 symptoms
  • Wear a mask for the duration of the quarantine period
  • Notify school nurse immediately if student exhibits symptoms
Your child is NOT required to quarantine if he/she has received a positive COVID-19 test result within the last 90 days or has been fully vaccinated; however, appropriate documentation must be provided to school administration (COVID-19 test result).
Unvaccinated students and unvaccinated staff members who live in the same household as a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 should quarantine in accordance with DPH guidelines.


Dear Buford Community, 

It has been a fantastic first week in Buford City Schools (BCS), and we remain committed to the safety of our students and staff.


Our campuses have experienced a return to a sense of normalcy in these first few days, and we will continue to acknowledge and respond to the reasonable concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Department of Public Health (DPH) has released new guidance for Georgia schools that recognizes the importance of in-person learning.


The letter states, “While DPH remains a continued resource for specific questions, we will not be producing the same written school guidance we provided last year. As the situation evolves, we will ensure that all relevant stakeholders have access to the updated Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance, and we will work with the Department of Education and other partner organizations in the education space to ensure timely notifications of updates.

Recognizing the importance of in-person learning, we have issued an updated administrative order related to quarantine. Although DPH recommends schools follow CDC guidelines, schools may elect to adhere to different quarantine requirements in order to facilitate in-person learning.”


In consultation with our school board and leadership teams across the District, BCS has developed Alternative Quarantine Protocols. These new protocols for quarantining a close contact embrace the philosophy that in-person learning is the absolute best and safest option for our students.

Alternative Quarantine Protocols

When schools are informed of a positive case among students or staff, contact tracing will be implemented. Students or staff identified as close contacts to a positive COVID-19 case will be notified by the school.


A student, faculty or staff member will NOT be subject to quarantine if in contact with a positive COVID-19 case if they are fully vaccinated (14 days after last shot), or if they have recovered from the virus in the past 90 days and provide lab results or vaccination card to the school nurse. Vaccinated close contacts should still monitor for symptoms.


If you are NOT fully vaccinated and remain asymptomatic, BCS will not prohibit students from attending school, but parents and students must adhere to several conditions during the period of Alternative Quarantine (10 Days).


If, at any time, the quarantined person experiences COVID-19 symptoms, the quarantined person shall be considered a presumptive positive and shall follow the isolation protocol (which requires you to stay home for 10 days since symptoms first appeared and be fever-free, without use of fever-reducing medications, for 24 hours before returning to school.)


During the 10-days that a contact traced student attends school, the student must remain in compliance with the following procedures:

  • Check temperature twice per day.
  • Monitor for Covid symptoms
  • Wear a mask for the duration of the quarantine period.


If a family decides to have their student quarantine at home, this quarantine will be in accordance with CDC and DPH guidelines and will be considered an excused absence.

Students will be allowed to make up work as they would any other excused absence, and communication between educators and parents is encouraged in these instances.

Thank you for your continued support,


Dr. Robert Downs


Buford City Schools

Dear Buford Community,
The Buford City School System plans for a safe return for our students in the next two weeks. We have outlined below the classroom priorities, mitigation strategies, protocols, and practices for the upcoming school year regarding COVID-19.

We believe the details below prioritize the health and safety of our students, staff, and community while still keeping academic success as our top objective.

You can also download a summary of these safety protocols by clicking here.

Our top two priorities for a safe return to the classroom are:

1. Vaccination is the #1 tool to combat the COVID-19 virus. Everyone 12 years and older has plentiful access to the vaccination.

2. If you are sick, stay home! Students and staff must not come to school with a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher and must not come to school until they have been fever-free, without the use of fever-reducing medication, for at least 24 hours.

Mitigation Strategies:

We strongly recommend that non-vaccinated students and teachers wear a cloth face covering when they are at school. However, masking is optional at BCS. Students will be required to wear cloth face coverings on BCS school buses (Federal mandate). Face coverings should be a solid color or one that has the BCS logo on it.
Social Distancing will be encouraged indoors and where appropriate. The CDC recommendation of 3 feet distance will be adhered to when possible.

Quarantine & Isolation:

While we are attempting to return to something resembling normal, COVID-19 has not entirely gone away. The requirement to contact trace is not a Buford City Schools’ invention. According to the Department of Public Health, contact tracing must occur anytime an infectious disease is reported to us. Anyone who is fully vaccinated is not subject to quarantining (unless symptomatic).

As we did last year, any student or staff member who tests positive for COVID-19 will be required to isolate in accordance with the isolation guidelines from the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH).

• If you are fully vaccinated (14 days after last shot) or if you have recovered from the virus in the past 90 days (and provide lab results/vaccination card to school nurse), you will NOT be subject to quarantine after contact tracing.
• The CDC also adjusted their contact trace definition to limit the need for quarantine when both students were engaged in consistent and correct use of well-fitting masks.
We have, with careful consideration, revisited and updated our approach to immediately quarantining large groups of students, and a more systematic and intentional procedure will be put in place regarding close contacts quarantine this fall.

Cleaning Protocols:

BCS will continue to provide hand sanitizer in all classrooms, common areas, and school buses. Further, while we recognize that the data shows surface-level contact does not pose a high risk for COVID-19 transmission, daily cleaning of high-touch surfaces in school buildings and on school buses will continue.

If a positive case of COVID-19 is confirmed in a classroom, building, or school bus, additional disinfecting will occur the same day.

The water fountains in each school are operational. However, BCS highly recommends students continue the use of clear, personal water bottles.

Journey back to “normal”:

Our lunchrooms are returning to normal service. However, the USDA has extended no-cost meal service for breakfast and lunch to all students through the 2021-2022 school year.

Although meals will be offered at no cost, families are encouraged to complete the free and reduced application for qualifying students to be eligible for other opportunities or discounted services, including fee waivers for college applications, SAT, ACT, and AP exams.

Visitation and volunteer opportunities will be phased back in this school year. Principals will guide parents and guardians about visitation in their buildings.

Buford City Schools will offer athletics and extracurricular activities for the 2021-2022 school year. Current plans are for events to be open to spectators at full capacity per Georgia High School Association guidance. GO WOLVES!


Each school will provide appropriate communication when there is a positive case of COVID-19 in their buildings and a need to contact students who may have been in close contact with the infected individual.

To review the updated document about determining and reporting COVID-19 exposures, please Click here for PDF.
Lastly, I want to assure you our BCS nurses are highly trained and incredibly compassionate about the health and safety of all students. They will continue to be the school’s main COVID-19 point of contact.
I trust their judgment and empower them to make the appropriate medical assessments to maintain the correct safety standards.

If a student exhibits COVID-19 related symptoms while in the school clinic, the nurse has the discretion to request the student wear a mask or be isolated while in the clinic. No child will be forced to wear a mask while in the clinic; rather, an asymptomatic child who does not want to wear a mask will be isolated until the parent/guardian arrives to take them home.

We are still in weekly contact with our local Department of Public Health officials, and if community transmission data or BCS-specific data justifies a need to change any of the above safety protocols, we will make the appropriate adjustments.

Thank you for your continued support and flexibility as we navigate our new normal. We are all very excited to have everyone back in the buildings and making great choices this school year.
Go Wolves!

Dr. Robert Downs
Buford City Schools
Click HERE for information from the Department of Public Health.