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Cory Burge Bio

Cory Burge was born and raised in Buford, Georgia. A fourth generation Buford graduate (2004)- green and gold is in his blood, and he is proud to call Buford his home. Cory attended college at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Southern Polytechnic State University. Cory grew up with service in the community modeled to him throughout his formative years. The idea of servant leadership within Buford was not just an idea tossed around the Burge household, but a deeply held core value of their family. Cory watched as members of his family stepped into several roles throughout the years to serve the incredible community of Buford in a variety of ways. A tradition that Cory continues by serving as the superintendent of the Buford Drinking Water Treatment Plant. Cory’s goal is simply to serve this phenomenal community with integrity and intention.
It is of utmost importance to Cory that every child who walks through any of our school’s doors feels loved, safe and empowered to excel each day. He values the input of our community and does not take lightly the responsibility of representing you on the board of education. The most exceptional part of our school system is our deeply rooted sense of community here at Buford. We are truly a family. We show up for one another, stand together in solidarity and work to make a positive impact for the community we all love.
Cory and his wife reside in Buford with their six children. Erin is a Speech Language Pathologist in Buford serving our special needs community. They currently have children in four out of five Buford City Schools and are excited to be raising fifth generation Buford Wolves. 
Cory strives to be an approachable board member who is always open for discussions about our schools. He is excited to step in this new role and hopeful to serve the community well. He states "It is my privilege to serve you, my Buford family, in this new capacity as a school board member. Thank you for entrusting me to serve with integrity and honor.”